2015 Outstanding Juniors Announced

Each year, the Texas A&M chapter of Phi Kappa Phi invites deans to select the most outstanding junior in their respective colleges. The students selected are honored as the Outstanding Junior for their college and are invited to serve as student vice-presidents of our local chapter.

In alphabetical order by college, the 2015 Outstanding Juniors are:

Name                             College
Taylor Hermann          College of Architecture
Kallie Fuchs                  College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Emma Epps                  College of Education and Human Development
Collin Kohlmeyer       College of Geosciences
Kaitlyn Kellermeyer  College of Liberal Arts
Eleni Mijalis                 College of Science
Andy Habib                   College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Austin Hahn                 Dwight Look College of Engineering
Julia Deleeuw               Mays Business School
Amanda Sterne           Texas A&M at Galveston
Salwan Abou Salem   Texas A&M at Qatar

Each college Outstanding Junior is invited to interview with the TAMU Phi Kappa Phi Executive Committee and a University Outstanding Junior is selected based on academic merit, research and/or creative production, community engagement, and the student’s record of accomplishments & awards. The University Outstanding Junior is announced at the annual induction ceremony held each spring. Please keep reading for short bio-sketches of each Outstanding Junior:

A smiling female student with dark hair and blonde highlights. Student has her arms folded in front of her and is leaning against a white pillar, with a row of pillars in the background.

Taylor Herrmann ’16, 2015 College of Architecture Outstanding Junior

Taylor Herrmann is majoring in landscape architecture with a minor in urban planning. She is previously a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects. In addition to the demanding coursework in architecture, Herrmann works in the summer. She is particularly proud of the skills learned for studio projects that enhance and allow her to express herself creatively. Among these are a laser printer and woodshop certification, model building and drafting. Herrmann has been honored with the Gathright Scholar Award.

Kallie Fuchs '16, A smiling female student with long brown hair, wearing a red blazer over a black shirt rests with her arms folded on a concrete hand-rail with an ornate building in the background.

Kallie Fuchs ’16, 2015 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Outstanding Junior


Kallie Fuchs is majoring in nutritional sciences with a minor in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and plans to attend medical school. Fuchs is highly involved on-campus and off; her activities include employment, volunteering, and student organizations related to her college, career interests, and student leadership. Fuchs has served in several capacities on the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Student Council, where she currently holds the position of President. Her outstanding work in and out of the classroom has garnered numerous honors, among them the President’s Endowed Scholarship, Buck Weirus Spirit Award, and Gathright Scholar Award.


Emma Epps is majoring in Allied Health in preparation for a career in nursing. Epps is an active volunteer and is widely involved in campus activities such as Muster and Fish Camp. She serves on the Academics Committee for Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, and has been honored as a Gathright Scholar.

A smiling male student with very short brown hair, wearing a dark jacket over a grey and black plaid sweater against a white background.

Collin Kohlmeyer, 2015 College of Geosciences Outstanding Junior

Geography major Collin Kohlmeyer has been heavily involved in undergraduate research while at Texas A&M. He has worked with Dr. Cairns and Dr. Naito researching shrub patterns in Alaska, and with Dr. Guneralp studying land usage around the Refugio River in Texas. Kohlmeyer has also served as a Supplemental Instructor (SI) Leader for Planet Earth (GEOG 203)  and History of Texas (HIST 226).


Kaitlyn Kellermeyer, 2015 College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Junior

Kaitlyn Kellermeyer, 2015 College of Liberal Arts Outstanding Junior

Kaitlyn Kellermeyer is majoring in international studies with a focus on international politics and diplomacy. A member of the College of Liberal Arts Cornerstone Honors program, Kellermeyer serves as a student mentor and chair of the Award Nomination Committee for the Association of Cornerstone Students. Kellermeyer is completely blind, and is spearheading an initiative to improve the physical accessibility of college campuses in Texas. She serves as a council member on Student Advisory Board for Texas A&M Disability Services and on the Aggie Honor Council, and as the volunteer coordinator and publicity outreach coordinator for the Brazos Valley Center for Independent Living’s “Dining in the Dark” program. Kellermeyer was recognized by the Texas Association for the Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired as the 2013 TXAER Outstanding Student.


Black and white photo of a smiling female student's head and shoulders, lying prone in the grass giving a thumbs-up. Student has shoulder-length dark hair, is wearing a light-colored sleeveless dress and a pearl necklace.

Eleni Mijalis ’16, 2015 College of Science Outstanding Junior

Eleni Mijalis is a biology major minoring in computer science. Mijalis, a member of the University Honors Program, is also co-founder and treasurer for TAMUHack, an organization that hosts and competes in hackathons, events that challenge participants to use technology in innovative ways to address problems. Mijalis has been involved in diabetes research with Dr. Kevil at the LSH Health Science Center in Shreveport, Louisiana since before she started at Texas A&M and has published research in Diabetologia. At Texas A&M, she has worked in the Brain Networks Laboratory under Dr. Choe. Mijalis’ has been honored with the President’s Endowed Scholarship and is on the Dean’s List.

A smiling make student with curly dark hair wearing a pink button-up shirt in front of a blurry outdoor background.

Andy Habib ’16, 2015 College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Science Outstanding Junior


Andy Habib is a biomedical sciences major planning to go to medical school. Habib works in a local clinic and has volunteered abroad in Haiti as part of Live Beyond. He serves in the TAMU Student Senate as a senator for the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences, as well as Executive Officer for the National Aggie Scholar Ambassador student organization, and previously as a staff assistant for The Big Event, among his many involvements. This summer, he will be part of the DeBakey Summer Surgery Program at Baylor. A well-rounded scholar has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and speaks fluent Arabic. He has been honored as a President’s Endowed Scholar and is on the Dean’s List.

A smiling male student with light brown hair and facial hair stubble wearing a button-up shirt with vertical blue and white stripes, in front of a wooden wall showing signs from the Startup Aggieland business accelerator.

Austin Hahn ’16, 2015 Dwight Look College of Engineering Outstanding Junior


Petroleum engineering major Austin Hahn is also an entrepreneur. He developed a training tool, TackleTape, through the Startup Aggieland business accelerator, which helps reduce tackle-related injuries for youth football players. Hahn is active in the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the American Association of Drilling Engineers, and enjoys playing piano in his spare time. His favorite song to play is Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata,” reflecting his twelve years of classical training. He is on the Dean’s List, and is the recipient of the Chevron International Reach, Houston-American Petroleum Institute, and Statoil Merit scholarships.

Female student with blond hair in a sleeveless maroon dress gives a thumbs-up in front of a giant replica of the Aggie Ring with Kyle Field in the background

Julia Deleeuw ’16, 2015 Mays Business School Outstanding Junior


Julia Deleeuw is majoring in marketing and is a member of the University Honors Program. In addition to working, Deleeuw is active in several business career-related organizations and in volunteering with community organizations. Deleeuw will complete her undergraduate degree early this August and being a master’s program in marketing this fall. She has been honored with a President’s Endowed Scholarship, and was a finalist in the 2013 Ideas Challenge Competition.

Amanda Sterne, 2015 Texas A&M - Galveston Outstanding Junior

Amanda Sterne, 2015 Texas A&M – Galveston Outstanding Junior


Amanda Sterne is a marine sciences major minoring in chemistry. Sterne was born and raised in Canada, where she trained in her hometown of Kelowna, BC to become a certified PADI instructor. From Canada, she went to Nha Trang, Vietnam, the first step on a three year journey that stoked her deep love of the ocean and took her around the globe. This love of the ocean is what brought Sterne to Texas A&M Galveston, where she has done extensive research and completed an undergraduate thesis titled Controls of Carbon Preservation in Coastal Wetlands of Texas: Mangrove vs. Saltmarsh Ecosystems. Sterne has presented her work at the American Geological Union’s 2014 Fall Meeting. She serves as the Historian for the Lambda Kappa Alpha Honors Association. Among her many scholarships, Sterne has been selected for the Welch Foundation Scholarship, a Texas Institute of Oceanography summer fellowship, and the Texas Oilman’s Charity Scholarship.

A smiling female student with long dark hair twisted up into a bun and held in place with a stick, wearing a maroon Addidas-branded Texas A&M shirt with the long sleeves pushed up to her elbows. Other students are working in the background.

Salwan Abou Salem ’16, 2015 Texas A&M – Qatar Outstanding Junior


Salwan Abou Salem is majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in mathematics. She has conducted undergraduate research on thermal imaging software with Dr. Hassan and on gaseous radiation detection with Dr. Bouhali; she serves as a grader for the TAMUQ Science department. Abou Salem is active with Student Body Government on the Qatar campus, serving as Class Representative and Vice President. She is also a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Pi Tau Sigma International Mechanical Engineering Honor Society. Abou Salem maintains an active extra-curricular schedule as well, playing both table tennis and basketball, serving as an orientation leader, Lebanese Red Cross volunteer, attending the COSGA and SCONA conferences in College Station, as well as participating in the Unite Lebanon Youth Project. Abou Salem has been honored with the Hamad Bin Khalifa Scholarship and is on the Dean’s List.

More About The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi
Founded in 1897 and headquartered in Baton Rouge, La., The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is the nation’s oldest and most selective collegiate honor society for all academic disciplines and annually inducts approximately 32,000 students, faculty, professional staff and alumni. The Society has chapters on more than 300 select colleges and universities in North America and the Philippines. Membership is by invitation only to the top 10 percent of seniors and graduate students and 7.5 percent of juniors. Faculty, professional staff and alumni who have achieved scholarly distinction also qualify.

 Since its founding, more than 1 million members have been initiated. Some of the organization’s more notable members include former Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, NASA astronaut Wendy Lawrence, author Ernest Gaines and broadcast journalist Deborah Norville. Nearly $1 million is awarded each biennium to qualifying students and members through graduate fellowships, undergraduate study abroad scholarships, member and chapter awards and grants for local and national literacy initiatives. The Society’s mission is “To recognize and promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to engage the community of scholars in service to others.”

 For more information on The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, please call 800/804-9880 or visit http://www.PhiKappaPhi.org.



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