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2022 Gathright/Dean’s Excellence Award Winners

Portrait of President Thomas S. Gathright provided courtesy of Cushing Memorial Library and Archives, Texas A&M University

Chapter 053 of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi is proud to announce the 2022 cohort of freshman and sophomore Gathright and Dean’s Excellence Award winners!

To see the list of 2022 Gathright Outstanding Juniors announced last spring, visit 2022 Gathright Outstanding Juniors Announced.

These awards were created in collaboration with LAUNCH: Academic Excellence to help recognize and celebrate outstanding first- and second-year students whose exceptional promise makes them good candidates for future awards. Up to two students in each classification in each college can be selected for recognition; the top student is recognized with the Gathright Scholar Award and the second with the Dean’s Excellence Award. Up to two additional students in each classification in each college can selected for honorable mention. Students selected for recognition are invited to visit with Phi Kappa Phi officers as well as their college dean at a special breakfast each fall. The students being recognized with the 2022 Gathright/Dean’s Excellence Awards are:

LAUNCH: Academic Excellence Dean's Excellence Award

Agriculture and Life Science

  • Travis Horton Richard – Freshman Gathright Scholar
  • Bailee Chavez – Freshman Dean’s Excellence Award
  • Christopher Barron – Sophomore Gathright Scholar
  • Miles Coltyn Cook – Sophomore Dean’s Excellence Award


  • Jonathan Back – Freshman Gathright Scholar
  • Ryan Hartfiel – Sophomore Gathright Scholar

Education and Human Development

  • Dallas Eric Salazar – Freshman Gathright Scholar
  • Britton Bielitz – Freshman Dean’s Excellence Award
  • Janelle King – Sophomore Gathright Scholar


  • David Luo – Freshman Gathright Scholar
  • Likhitha Veerapalli – Freshman Dean’s Excellence Award
  • Heather Chang – Sophomore Gathright Scholar
  • Elsa Angelina Baltazar – Sophomore Dean’s Excellence Award


  • Ekaterina Buchilina – Freshman Gathright Scholar
  • Lee Ochs – Freshman Dean’s Excellence Award


  • Lily Wu – Sophomore Gathright Scholar

Liberal Arts

  • Raquel Ruiz – Freshman Gathright Scholar
  • Allen Zhang – Freshman Dean’s Excellence Award
  • Allison Bendersky – Sophomore Gathright Scholar
  • Hayley Fleener – Sophomore Dean’s Excellence Award

Mays Business School

  • Swapnil Dash – Freshman Gathright Scholar
  • Mary Ho – Freshman Dean’s Excellence Award
  • Kade McAdams – Sophomore Gathright Scholar
  • Nadine Elizabeth Saab – Sophomore Dean’s Excellence Award


  • Tara My-Quyen Huynh – Sophomore Gathright Scholar

Public Health

  • Elaina Park – Freshman Gathright Scholar
  • Kelby Rowe – Sophomore Gathright Scholar
  • Simon West – Sophomore Dean’s Excellence Award


  • Srilakshmi Muthyala – Freshman Gathright Scholar
  • Abhinav Ramesh Vadassery – Freshman Dean’s Excellence Award
  • Connor Bowerman – Sophomore Gathright Scholar

Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

  • Hannah Thomas – Freshman Gathright Scholar
  • Paige Neumann – Freshman Dean’s Excellence Award
  • Ananya Pillai – Sophomore Gathright Scholar
  • Connor Woodfield – Sophomore Dean’s Excellence Award

The following students achieved Honorable Mention:

Agriculture and Life Science

  •  Rakshith Gowda – Freshman Honorable Mention
  • Nanci Lammoglia – Sophomore Honorable Mention


  • Anish Easwaran – Freshman Honorable Mention
  • Nihar Shah – Freshman Honorable Mention
  • Anna Huang – Sophomore Honorable Mention
  • Ghada Ehab Ibrahim Abdelrahman – Sophomore Honorable Mention

Liberal Arts

  • Kylie McDaniel – Freshman Honorable Mention
  • Eliza Thomas – Freshman Honorable Mention
  • Peyton Clark – Sophomore Honorable Mention
  • Julia Patterson – Sophomore Honorable Mention


  • Bemnet Sileshi – Freshman Honorable Mention
  • Bert White – Freshman Honorable Mention

The application process includes a personal statement which outlines the student’s long-term goals, evidence of research and/or creative production, community engagement, accomplishments and awards, as well as a review of the student’s transcript.Complete details for the application process can be found at

Support for the Gathright Dean’s Excellence Award and many other LAUNCH programs that enrich the undergraduate experience are generously supported by The Association of Former Students.

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